The feature film Du, bara (“It’s you”) is based on the novel Du, Bara (2016) by Anna Ahlund, who’s also written the script. The production is a collaboration between Anna Ahlund and Emmanuel Junglander, who is also in charge of cinematography and editing. The project is an independent production. The promotion trailer was shot during the summer of 2018 to aid the process of raising funds for the feature film. The current goal is to shoot the feature film during the summer of 2019.



It’s you is a story about love and sex, relationships and finding out what you really want. The main characters are both boys, but their sexual orientation is neither valued nor commented on in the film. It simply doesn’t matter that John and Frank have the same sex, not for them or anyone else in the story. The conflict is found elsewhere – the ups and downs of being in love, rivalry between siblings, the difficulty of an friendship that goes through change, mental illness and having to cope with the consequences of your actions. By not making a big deal out of the sexuality in the film we hope to contribute to a society where you won’t have to be questioned and you can live as free as the characters in the movie.

It’s you is a love story that takes place in Uppsala during a summer break. The main character John has applied for a Soccer College and is waiting for a potential acceptance letter, even though he’s uncertain if he wants to go there. His best friend Elli really don’t want him to go there since she’s afraid that their friendship will change if they can’t hang out as much as before. John’s older sister Caroline has set her eyes on a boy, Frank, and sets up a plan on how she can win him over. But things don’t turn out the way Caroline has planned because when John meets Frank he falls in love instantly. It appears that Frank wants something as well. The question is if Frank and John want the same thing.



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In August 2018 a promotion trailer was filmed, to be used when applying for funds of the project. The purpose of the promotion trailer is to give a sense of how the film should look and feel.






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